Why Are We Qualified...

From the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) I earned by BS in Speech Communications (1992), from UT Austin and UT Health Science Center San Antonio my Doctor of Pharmacy (1997) and from UT Health Science Center Houston School of Public Health my Masters in Public Health with emphasis in Community Health (2004).    My husband earned his degree from the University of Texas at Austin (1994) BA in Liberal Arts.

Upon graduating from college with my first degree, I briefly taught middle school physical science, horticulture and reading.  Later, I became an assistant clinical professor and taught clinical pharmacy courses while having interns on rotation.   Watching these students in middle school and  college, allowed me to see how a school district could assist students in their maturity and academic strengths.  While in college both my husband and I tutored high school students in Austin and assisted them in preparation for the TAAS test.

As educators, we  felt that it was important to be a part of the community and involve parents in the education of their children if the parent was available.  Often times parents have to work two or more jobs or work strange hours just to ensure that their children obtain the basics.

When we became parents, we knew that being our children's advocate in their foundation years (PK3 to 5th grade) was important to help them become independent learners in their middle school years and beyond.  We also knew that it would be important to involve them in sports or outside school activities in order to allow them the opportunity to work on team building and individual achievements.

There are always connections, we just have to look for them.